Aeroplane Flights 

30 minute Freycinet Scenic $155 pp

Immediately after take-off your breath will be taken away by the stunning Moulting Lagoon and Friendly Beaches. You will then wind down the coast to take in the Hazards and Wineglass bay, before returning via the untouched beaches on the west coast of the peninsula.








45 minute Extended Freycinet Scenic $210 pp


The tour begins overhead the stunning friendly beaches, before heading south towards the breathtaking Hazard mountains and iconic Wineglass Bay. Following a full orbit around these landmarks, you will proceed to fly around Schouten Island. After viewing this stunning geological phenomenon, we will then return home via some of the more secluded beaches in the area.







60 minute Maria Island $295 pp

This flight will not only take you over Wineglass Bay and the Hazards but will then continue south down the peninsula to include the historic and secluded Maria Island National park. Home to an abundance of wildlife, breathtaking beaches and a fascinating history.







Maria Island  Experience $385 pp

Experience Maria Island in a truly unique way. You will fly to Maria Island after taking in the stunning views of the Freycinet Peninsula and Wineglass bay. Once we touch down it is up to you to chose your own adventure! Enjoy a picnic,  explore the wildlife and history of the Island or wander down to the fossil cliffs and the town of Darlington. Our return flight will take us around the island to appreciate it from the air, before passing along the western side of the Freycinet Peninsula and back to Friendly Beaches. The flight is available with a picnic provided for $425pp.






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