Maria Island Scenic Flight

Flying Time: Approximately 1 hour

Price: $230.00 per person (2 or 3 passengers) or $440 for a single passenger

We begin this flight following the same route as our regular scenic flights. Shortly after takeoff you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful view, the white sands and turquoise water of Friendly Beaches. With a gentle turn to the south we are then heading directly for the Freycinet Peninsula. We will pass several lagoons and Tourville Lighthouse before the amazing Hazards and Wineglass Bay come into full view. Continuing south along the peninsula you will be amazed by the rugged coastline. At the southern tip of the peninsula we will fly over 'Schouten Island' and divert from the regular route as we make our way towards Maria Island. There is the possibility of spotting whales during this over water leg. Our whale sightings are used to monitor whale movement and for helping with wildlife protection. Maria Island, a former notorious convict settlement is now the home for the conservation of the Tasmanian Devil. Sandstone cliffs and beautiful white beaches will take your breath away. Heading north across the ocean, we will follow the west side of the Freycinet Peninsula. Heading back towards the airfield, we will pass Wineglass Bay for a second time, but with a view from the other side which reveals the wineglass shape. Just over the township of Coles Bay we will begin our descent, where you will enjoy the panorama of Nine Mile Beach, Swan River and the vast Moulting Lagoon, before touching down at the Friendly Beaches Airstrip.