Our Maria Island Experience incorporates a scenic flight of both Freycinet and Maria Island National park, followed by a short walk before returning to Friendly Beaches, where you will again take in the beath taking views of Wineglass Bay.

Upon touching down, a walking circuit takes you past the Fossil Cliffs which give you an insight into the past environments of Maria Island. The circuit leads to Darlington, a convict settlement that ran from 1842 – 1851, which has remained relatively unchanged since the convict era.

Expect a peaceful walk, taking in picture perfect beaches, stunning cliffs and an abundance of wildlife. The only residents on the Island are National Parks rangers!

Feel free to bring nibbles and a drink. For an additional fee, we are happy to organise food/drink or extend the tour to hire bikes and explore the Painted Cliffs.

*Limited to 3 Passengers per tour