Maria Island Day Trip

$525 / per Adult

All Day

Maria Island is a natural wildlife sanctuary and off-shore retreat with historic ruins, sweeping bays, dramatic cliffs and plenty of stories to tell.

About This Flight

Maria Island is a unique and special place with abundant wildlife, geological phenomena and rich human history. You could begin at UNESCO World Heritage Australian Convict Site – Darlington Probation Station on a bike or hike adventure to fossil embedded cliffs, painted coastal sandstone platforms, turquoise water and long white beaches. Many stay overnight either at the old penitentiary or at one of the various camp sites around the island, hiking to convict ruins and exploring the islands diverse and beautiful landscapes.  

Of course that’s not all… Your trip to Maria Island will take you via the Freycinet Peninsula and Wineglass Bay on a breathtaking scenic flight. 

Same day return flights are bookable online or contact us to arrange a one-way flight.